Laser Hair Removal Pulsed Light (CPL) with Nd:YAG laser

At our beauty salon and skin clinic in Chelsea we provide a wide range of laser and calibrated pulsed light (CPL) hair removal, treatments including general laser hair removal and treatments targeted at specific skin conditions such as ingrown hairs.    



Small Areas - From £49
Upper Lip, Forehead, Toes, Fingers  

Medium Areas - From £99
Back of Neckk, Bikini, High Bikini,Feet (2), Abs, Navel Line, Under Harms, Hands (2)  

Large Areas - From £199
Full Face, Brazilian Buttock Crease, Hollywood, Half Leg, Thighs, Chest, Lower Back, Half Arm 



Is the laser/CPL treatment safe?

Yes, we use the X-Lase system designed and manufacture in the European Union. It is a proven technology combining Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) with Nd:YAG laser, therefore resulting a very versatile platform for painless hair removal and skin treatments, with very short or no recovery time needed. It allows us to offer laser hair removal for all skin types and hair colour (except white hair) and is suitable for all body parts. 


How many laser/CPL treatments will I need?

For laser hair removal you will need between 6 and 12 sessions. Is it painful? No. Most customers hardly feel anything. You may feel a slight tingling and/or a sensation of warmth from the laser and pulsed light on the treated area. Is it suitable for men and women? Yes it is suitable for both. Many men have treatments on their back and face.


What technology do you use?

The new XLase CPL MotionSpeed technology we use is provide enhanced patient comfort by speeding up the treatment and a powerful cooling system. The combination of laser and calibrated pulsed light, unlike traditional IPL systems, enables to target the heating energy into the relevant part of the hair folicule while preserving the surrounding tissues. Traditional photo-epilation systems or IPL require cooling the treated area before and after each flash, but with the new MotionSpeed system the procedure is much faster with virtually constant power flow, with noteworthy improvement in the level of patient comfort, increased speed and effectiveness of the photo-epilation process. The Nd:YAG module guarantees an effective and safe laser treatment for epilation, vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation marks on all skin types.

Laser hair removal in Chelsea, London