Massage and Body Treatments

Our fresh and quiet beauty salon and day spa in the heart of Chelsea is ideal for a moment of profound relaxation or for en envigprating massage. Massage is the most natural and nurturing of the healing arts. Using only our hands as tools, we manipulate muscles to release tension. Through skillful strokes we nourish the skin with renewed circulation and nutrients. We ease away stress, fatigue and anxiety, and offer the senses a delightful variety of sensations. The body responds with greater strength, mobility, and vitality. The greatest gift may lie perhaps, in the profound sense of balance and connectedness achieved through the therapeutic touch. All our staff is experienced and fully qualified.



A deeply soothing and relaxing form of traditional massage using smooth heated stones. Helps tight muscles release to achieve complete relaxation.


We provide this special massage with a combination of natural oils and an ancient method of stimulation. This special treatment will help correct hormone imbalance with the objective of restoring the metabolism and improving the way the body processes food.


Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and tissue, especially for tense areas. Deep tissue massage is helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas also help to relieve many day to day problems like bad back, stiff neck, low back tightness, sore shoulders, postural issues, etc. The elimination of pain brings about better posture, more flexibility and fluid movement.


Specialized firm or light pressure massage techniques are used to stimulate lymph vessels in order to relieve swollen limbs, reduce fluid congestion, promote wound healing, lessen pain, detoxify and deeply relax the entire body.

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I visited this place with my girlfriend for a side by side massage, a very romantic, soothing experience ... calm music in the background along with a high quality of service and expertise provided by the staff.

Thanks Ada :)

Hidden away but easily locate. Just a min from St james Park Underground. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Facials were great. Def going back again and staying opened till really helps for those of us that cant get there during the day.

This spa is the BEST!! From the moment I walked in I felt valued. Saturdays are amazing as it's very quiet and you get looked after so well! The massage was out of this world, and I know, I'm a massage therapist myself. The eye treatment and manicure were also first rate and the makeup is brilliant! You WILL NOT be disappointed! This place is a hidden gem!

I had been looking for a spa in London for some time and then found Kensington Skin Care. The location is convenient, and the service is courteous and friendly. I can't recommend Ada more highly - she is very good at massage and I plan to return soon!