Skin rejuvenation mesotherapy for the face 1 Treatment £120


Anti-ageing mesotherapy for the neck 1 Treatment £150


Cellulite reduction mesotherapy for the body 1 Treatment £150
6 Treatments (1 Free) £750
10 Treatments £1200


Mesotherm uses three different treatment procedures:
1. Removal of the stratum corneum to stimulate the production of new cells in the basal layer of the skin.
2. Heating of the dermis performed by the radio frequency, microneedling and vacuum, resulting in the increased elasticity of the tissues.
3. Mesotherapic cocktails channelled in the skin through electroporation technique to ensure a deep, subcutaneous penetration of active ingredients sensitive to electro conduction, resulting in injection free mesotheraphy.


Mesotherapy for Face, Neck, Décolleté & Hands

Mesotherapy is the latest addition to the catalogue of skin treatments we offer at our Kensington and Chelsea skin clinic in the heart of London.
We use exclusively the SR Rejuvenation range of mesotherpay serums at our skin clinic in Kensington and Chelsea. The treatment is usually performed as an initial series of 2-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. After this initial course of mesotherapy we generally recommend to continue with a few sessions per year, as the effects tend to be cumulative. Our treatments are provided by qualified practitioners and are similar to those provided in Harley Street clinics. Why travel to Harley Street and pay substantial sums of money when you can get the same treatment on your doorstep in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea and for a reasonable price?
You may experience some light temporary bruising and swelling effects as well as some soreness in the treated area for up to about 48 hours after your treatment. This is an entirely normal reaction and it will subside naturally. These signs can be easily covered and you may return to tour daily routine immediately after the treatment.

Mesotherapy for Body & Cellulite

The main use of body mesotherapy treatments is to target excess cellulite. We use specifically developed SR mesotherpay serums which are injected directly into the cellulite. Contact our Kensington and Chelsea skin clinic for more information.
Recommended frequency for body mesotherpay sessions:
· One session every week for 10 weeks
· Then one session monthly for 6 months
· Maintenance: one session every 3 months

The number and frequency of sessions can be adapted depending on the customer’s specific condition and area treated.


Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

HL serum is administered directly into the scalp.
Frequency of sessions:
· One session every 1 to 2 weeks for 10 sessions
Then one session monthly for 6 months
Maintenance: one session every 3 months

Treatments can then be repeated depending on the skin and scalp condition of each patient.
For more information on mesotherapy treatments call our skin clinic and medispa in Kensington and Chelsea, London on 0207 352 4150. We are conveniently located at the heart of Kensington and Chelsea, just off the Fulham Road.