KensingtonSkincare Electrolysis Prices

  • Minimum appointment time: 15min - £25
  • 30 min £40
  • 45min £55


Electrolysis at Kensingtonskincare in Chelsea, London

At our Kensingtonskincare beauty salon in Chelsea, we specialise in hair removal using the latest electrolysis techniques. Electrolysis is a simple but efficient method of permament hair removal. Electrolysis removes facial hair permanently by delivering a very small electric charge directly to each individual hair follicule via a very thin metal needle to prevent hair regrowth. Electrolysis is is not painful.

We use electrolysis mainly to remove unwanted facial hair. However we can also remove withheads, moles, milia and warts with electrolysis.

Several electrolysis sessions are required to obtain an effective and long term hair removal over a skin area. Your first electrolysis session will include a mandatory skin consultation by our specialised electrolysis therapist (generally 5 min). You will see results after the second 15min electrolysis session and we advise to book at least a first course of six electrolysis treatments at relatively short intervals for an optimum and long term hair removal result.

For more information or to book an appointment for electrolysis, please contact us at info@kensingtonskincare.co.uk or call us on 020 7352 4150.